CCI Kenya Now Serves Over 30 Leading International Brands Making It The Largest BPO in Kenya

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CCI Kenya now serves over 30 leading International brands making it the largest BPO in Kenya.

Kenya’s potential as a premier destination for Business Process Outsourcing continues to gain momentum, signified by the growth, and demand seen for CCI Kenya sites. With Over 3500 agents now supporting over 30 international brands across multiple sectors ranging from Travel & Hospitality to Retail & E-Commerce. CCI’s confidence in this growing demand is bolstered by their commitment to building a new, purpose built and sustainability focused site in Tatu City, Nairobi. A 5000-seat state of the art facility that aims to be ready in Q1 2024 to add to CCI Kenya’s global delivery network.

The confidence CCI’s clients have in their customer support capability through their Kenyan infrastructure and facilities is solidified by their most recent green light to mobilise a largescale campaign for a major US Airline. Their site’s experience within the Airline industry managing large volumes of customer contact, handling peak seasons and their expertise using airline specific tools to manage bookings, queries, and payments; ensures theor ability to continue their growth within this sector. As one of the primary providers supporting the US Airline’s customer support needs, CCI Kenya will provide several hundred customer support agents for this key account.

Kenya, as a country shows enormous promise for growth in the BPO sector by creating jobs for thousands of young, highly educated digital natives that remain largely unemployed. Kenya’s promise as an upcoming BPO destination stems from factors such as English language fluency, its cultural affinity to western norms, a stable political and economic environment (it is one of the fastest growing economies in the region) and its significantly developed digital infrastructure.

One which is bolstered by innovative solutions to previous hurdles, such as mobile technology payment solutions. CCI’s goal is to continue to spearhead the BPO sector’s growth within the country and beyond. CCI Kenya serves as an example of an organisation that aims to contribute to socioeconomic development, providing a young demographic with career opportunities while bringing more and more international US clients on board for customer management services and to deliver consumer sales.

Rishi Jatania, Managing Director of CCI Kenya, said:

“CCI Kenya is the leading business process outsourcing provider in Kenya. We’ve come a long way since our early days, now serving primarily international clients with cost effective service and sustained specialist capabilities. Our international outsourcing solutions have made our Kenya operations a crucial part of the CCI group and its delivery network in Africa. We’re able to delivery excellent customer service in a fast paced commercial environment – we see huge potential in our Kenyan youth and have plans in place to further expand and invest in future proofing our capabilities.”

About CCI

CCI is an established business with over 17 years of experience serving clients in the USA, UK, Australia, and Africa, they are a top tier outsourcer in Africa and the largest within Sub Saharan Africa. Their largest operational sites are in South Africa, followed by Kenya. CCI offers world class customer experience solutions and digital customer management strategies that derive true value for clients and their customers.

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