CXFO Solutions

CXFO Solutions: your path to CX excellence starts here

Here at the Customer Experience Foundation we have a dedicated Solutions Team who are committed to enhancing your organisation’s CX and Contact Centre strategy and operations. We specialise in delivering tailor-made solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes. With a team of expert consultants, we help empower you to optimise your operation, increase efficiency, nurture your CX vision, and turn your goals into reality. Our passion lies in crafting tailored strategies that empower you to forge lasting connections with your customers, boost operational efficiency, and realise your CX aspirations.

Unlock the power of personalised support

Our team of experts are on hand to collaborate closely with you, delving into the intricacies of your operation. Together, we’ll navigate through your business landscape, co-creating CX and Contact Centre solutions that align seamlessly with your vision. As your dedicated partners, we’re committed to not just meeting your goals, but surpassing them.

A tailored approach

At CXFO, we understand that no two businesses are alike. That’s why we adopt a personalised approach to each project we take on and we grasp the uniqueness that sets your business apart from others. We also harness the collective expertise of our specialists across diverse sectors such as Retail, Financial Services, Insurance, Travel, Leisure, Public Sector, Telco, Utilities, and BPOs. This fusion of skills equips us to fashion holistic solutions that cater to every facet of your customer engagement spectrum.

Our journey together

We welcome you to embark on a journey that begins with an in-depth analysis of your project, or indeed your entire organisation. We meticulously assess your operations, strategic ambitions, strengths, and opportunities, all while tuning into the voice of your customers. This comprehensive evaluation provides the foundation upon which we construct a bespoke strategy and a meticulously detailed delivery roadmap.

Transparency is key

The foundation of our philosophy is transparency. We believe that openness is the anchor upon which successful partnerships are built. We invite you into every step of our process. From inception to implementation, you’ll be an integral part of the journey, ensuring that our solutions resonate harmoniously with your overarching objectives.

Unveiling the scope of our consultancy

With a dedicated focus on CX and Contact Centre operations, our Solutions Team comprises our CX and Contact Centre experts who have honed their craft in optimising these domains. Seamlessly integrating into your organisational fabric, they provide a steady stream of expert insights, fostering superior customer service and an elevated overall customer experience. Let us help you to elevate your business, redefine your customer interactions, and usher in a new era of success within your Contact Centre.

Why Choose CXFO Solutions?

  • High impact, sustainable improvements – we are not here for quick fixes. We focus on delivering long-lasting enhancements that will keep your business thriving well into the future.
  • Future capability building – we don’t just solve today’s problems. We equip your organisation with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Empowering CX and customer contact – Our solutions enable your business to take control of its customer interactions, leading to exceptional customer experiences.
  • Transformation and sustainable growth – we are not just consultants…we are catalysts for exceptional change and sustainable development within your organisation.

What do our Consultancy Services cover?

Our CXFO Solutions Toolkit is versatile, adapting to your specific needs. It encompasses:

  • Needs Assessment: Our experts meticulously analyse your current operations, pinpointing areas primed for improvement. We delve into performance metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), customer feedback, personnel dynamics, and technological infrastructure.
  • Strategic Development: Building upon the assessment, we craft a robust strategy tailored to enhancing your operations. This includes strategies for boosting your service performance, reducing wait times, streamlining costs, and improving productivity.
  • Leveraging Technology: Embracing technology’s pivotal role, we recommend and implement cutting-edge solutions such as CCaaS, CRM systems, chatbots, and performance-optimising AI tools. These innovations elevate CX, boost efficiency, and lower costs.
  • Training and Empowerment: Our training and coaching initiatives empower your frontline teams and managers. We refine their skills, enable adept customer interaction management, elevate team performance, and facilitate seamless adaptation to change.
  • Performance Metrics Analysis: We consistently monitor and analyse your CX and Contact Centre performance, ensuring the strategy’s effectiveness. Operational metrics, customer feedback, and performance indicators undergo thorough scrutiny to unearth areas needing further refinement.
  • Continual Support: Our commitment extends beyond implementation. Upon request, we can offer you continued support. Regular performance evaluations, coaching sessions, training, and strategic recommendations are part of our ongoing partnership to maintain optimal CX and operational excellence.

CXFO is your gateway to elevating your CX and Contact Centre operations. With a bespoke Solutions Toolkit and dedicated experts, we’re primed to steer your organisation towards CX excellence. Contact us today to initiate your journey towards lasting success and embark on a transformative journey that places your customers at the heart of everything you do.

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