About Us

The Customer Experience Foundation (CXFO) is proud to be the only CX and CC organisation offering information, advice, and support that is accessible to everyone.

We believe in a collaborative, supportive approach to improve CX as a profession for those we ultimately serve, and we continue our mission to make a difference.

We are run by CX practitioners, and our aim is to learn, understand, share, and promote best practice across all areas of Customer Experience and Contact Centres.

Our portfolio of online publicationsblogspodcasts and innovative events, are designed and crafted for the modern attention-deficit world. 

CXFO provides the community with sound CX innovation and practical tips, advice, guidance and support from proven practitioners. 

Our activity covers all aspects of what makes a great organisation, looking at Operational and Technical Delivery, Strategy and Implementation, Employee Experience, Leadership and People Development, and Culture and Wellbeing.

We are delighted that CX practitioner Keith Gait CCXP is at the helm, leading the Foundation with a new vision and programme in this post-COVID era.  

Do you want to be part of this new vision for the CX industry? With a wide variety of options, here are just some of the ways you can become involved with the Customer Experience Foundation:

Plus, you could take part in our exclusive content with a podcast, or submit your whitepapers, articles or reports for us to share with our community.

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