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We have talked plenty in recent weeks about very poor service experiences, so am delighted this week to write about two great experiences.

I went to the physio last week. Never something to look forward to, but they have definitely updated and redesigned their service experience since I last went a couple of years ago.

They now have an online pre-assessment where you fill out details of your condition, pain issues, mobility etc. This is then reviewed by the physio before you arrive on his tablet, so doesn’t waste time establishing the nature of the condition. More time for treatment. Everything about the condition, treatment and exercise plan, explained on the screen, with diagrams, all supported with a really fabulous human interaction. Treatment and exercise plan then also sent from that device to my device at that time, and future appointments sent up electronically. Not only a smooth process, but very reassuring.

A great example of a small business being adaptable, understanding its customers emotions,  pain points, (excuse the pun) and designing the user journey to be effortless, digital, seamless  and connected. How many large businesses can you think of who could learn from this…?

Also this week, a great experience with an online order from a food plan company and their 3PL provider. I noticed in my online banking Saturday morning that a 2nd payment had been taken, having only had that months order 3 days before, and then got a text and email form the delivery company saying my delivery was coming that morning.

I went onto their website to try to contact them to let them know there had been a duplicate order made. No option to call. Tried the live chat. Wasn’t open, but did have the option to leave it a message, so I did so. Also sent an email for good measure.

Within 30 minutes, had an email back, saying they had looked at my account, but in fact I had made a duplicate order. The advisor in the email realised it was obvious I had made an error, advised me to decline the delivery when it arrived, and they would be notified of this. 30 minutes later, delivery arrived, I advised the drive it was a duplicate it error. Nor problem, just sign my device here, and that will get tracked back to the depot. 30 minutes later, another email, to say they could see I had declined the delivery, and a full refund had been procced back to my account. Which duly arrived a few days later.

Simple, very little effort on my part, it just worked. No arguments, no having to fight, no delays. And joined up with the delivery partner too. A process that Alex Mead would dream about!  It shows that it can be done.

This week saw the Awards Presentation for the ECCCSA’s. It should never be underestimated the amount of time and effort that goes into an event such as this, it’s a huge undertaking, and doing it all remotely presents of course another level of challenge.

Its always fantastic to see the stories of the winners and those commended, and provides such a boost the everyone recognised. I know that awards programmes do have their critics, but I do feel its important we celebrate and recognise not only what’s good about our industry, but more importantly the people that make it what it is.

So well done and congratulations to all the winners and everyone recognised for their achievements throughout a very challenging year, but also particularly to Leigh Hopwood for leading such a super programme.

Your thoughts as ever appreciated.


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