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Am pleased to write about some great experiences this week following my house move. We are quick to share our bad experiences and call out organisations when they get it wrong, and rightly so, but I feel it’s only fair to highlight where companies have got it working really well, particularly in situations where we often expect a drama or a fight.

So a big shout out and well done this week to Sky, BT, and Eve Sleep, either for great customer service, or just great CX design, with slick, effortless experience, with everything just working and going like clockwork.

Regular readers will know I moved house last week. A few weeks ago I went online to order a few things. Started with the broadband with BT. Went into my account, clicked the moving home, gave them my dates, all sorted. Confirmation email, and a few emails in between keeping me informed. Had an email on the day to tell me it was all done.

Arrived in our new home and found the box with the router in that afternoon. Plugged it in, and everything just worked. All the account settings had been transferred over. Didn’t have to do a thing, and all the devices logged straight back in. Easy, slick, effortless. Exemplar CX journey and digital experience.

Same with Sky. Went online to order the TV service. Simple and easy to do, gave me the installation date. kept me informed and gave me arrival time on the day. Engineer turned up and a finer example of an engaged employee you couldn’t wish to meet.

Took the new TV out the box, set that up, asked how we wanted everything set up, configured all the boxes just how we wanted, happy smiley, nothing too much trouble, done in 25 minutes, and took everything away. again, simple, effortless and slick, but made even better with the great human interaction.

From what I’ve seen and heard, it does tend to be the broadband services that seem to cause most of the issues for Sky, and I haven’t yet taken the plunge and had my broadband with them as well, have very much kept the two apart, so maybe I’m just fortunate, or happen to be paying a premium to run two service providers.

But credit where its due to Sky and BT, and that’s not a phrase you hear very often, either from those in customer experience circles, or from very many customers who share their experiences or vent their many frustrations.

We ordered a new Mattress with Eve Sleep. It arrived, and didn’t seem right, like we were sleeping on the slats of the bed frame. Well they say they have a 100 night trial, so let’s see how that works. Went online on Wednesday morning. Completed the enquiry form. Like most people, probably a bit sceptical, and a bit revved up for a fight.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Had a reply back within 2 hours, with the option either to have an engineer look at it, or they could send replacement. Opted for a replacement. I didn’t even have to worry about getting the old mattress down the stairs, or into its original box, all taken care of (Another company saving my poorly back, this makes me very happy!) and the new mattress has arrived this morning, before they have even taken the old one back yet.

No dramas, no fuss, no making me feel like a criminal.

It goes to show that CX, UX, Digitation and Customer Service can be done well, even by the biggest companies. There is plenty many can and should learn from them.


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