Daktela enhances its automated chat functionality with the acquisition of Coworkers.ai

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The new technology will be integrated into their software later this year, enhancing their existing chatbot capability and enabling businesses to deploy complex automated chat solutions in their customer communications.

Coworkers.ai are intelligent virtual assistants that use contextual AI. This means they understand the intent of the person they’re communicating with; they recognise moods and understand any cultural, historical and situational features. So instead of using algorithms or machine learning, this type of AI listens and learns and takes a human approach to process content. 

Intelligent voicebots, chatbots and mailbots can speed up resolution times and deliver more meaningful, accurate, and relevant recommendations and answers. They ultimately allow customers to get answers faster, self-serve 24/7 and free your staff from time-consuming, repetitive tasks. 

The Coworkers’ pronunciation, intonation, and reactions are also natural, so many users don’t even know they’re communicating with a bot.

For Daktela, this is the first of many planned acquisitions. In addition to organic growth and global expansion, this should place the company among the top 10 global providers of CCaaS services in the next five years.

“Our acquisition strategy has two parts. We are looking for companies with a similar focus and profile, as Daktela, in those foreign markets where we are not present today or where we are starting. The second type is technological acquisitions, which will help us fundamentally improve our product portfolio and scale our core technology; Coworkers.ai is an example of this. Artificial intelligence is no longer a buzzword today; within a few years, it will become a necessary reality in companies,” explained David Hájek, co-founder and head of global expansion at Daktela.

His words are echoed by Gartner’s analysis, which stated that by 2026, 10% of customer and business communication should be automated due to artificial intelligence, saving companies an estimated 80 billion US dollars.

Daktela’s acquisition of Coworkers.ai comes three years after its inception. A significant benefit of their solution is that it uses its own natural language processing (NLP) technology based on artificial intelligence. 

“Thanks to this, our voicebots and chatbots are significantly ‘smarter’ than others and can solve even more complex requests. At the same time, we are a low-code platform, which means that practically anyone can handle the implementation in the company even without programming knowledge,” Coworkers.ai co-founder Luboš Urbančok said, describing the product.

Coworkers.ai enhanced chatbot and voicebot technology will be available in the UK from December 2022.

If you’d like to find out how this technology can help your business communications, please get in touch with Daktela UK. Tel: 0800 470 2159 Email: [email protected]

About Daktela
Daktela is a global provider of cloud-based communications technology, supporting teams from 5-1000+ users with simple voice-only solutions right up to complex omnichannel contact centre deployments. All Daktela software is developed in-house, emphasising performance, efficiency, security, open integration, and scalability.

Daktela UK is part of the Daktela s.r.o group of companies supporting over 1000 customers of all different sizes across the globe. Established in 2010, the UK senior leadership team have worked in the contact centre industry for over 30 years. 

They pride themselves on their traditional approach to customer support, teamed with their powerful technology. Their cloud-based application connects voice, email, SMS, chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, allowing clients to manage all their customer communication in one place. 


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