BPOs & Outsources CXFO Industry Council Report – Spring 2023

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BPOs & Outsources CXFO Industry Council Report – Spring 2023

BPOs are at the very forefront of customer service. They provide the link between consumer and company, offering solutions to both simple and complicated problems. 

As a result, most BPOs are leaders when it comes to defining Customer Experience (CX) and understanding how to deliver it.

In the volatile world we now live in, consumer attitudes are changing rapidly, and keeping up with the state of CX in the BPO industry is difficult. 

As such, this edition of the CXFO Industry Council for the BPO sector aimed to explore the current situation surrounding CX. Attendees revealed insights into the present state of CX in BPOs and presented discussions on a variety of topics, including the role of technology, employee loyalty, customer expectations, and the BPO sector’s image. 

This report highlights the main points that were discussed during this council’s session.


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