Training is transformation
Training isn't just imparting knowledge its about changing behaviour

You never want delegates just to learn want them to go and do something differently. Maybe, to think differently but certainly to have a new habit.

Too often training is not delivered as an experience even by Customer Experience Experts.

Measuring Customer Emotion, Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Experience Design and a range of  tailored programmes as well as industry standards  - for thousands of delegates over the past 10 years
Digital training
We provide digital training using the latest tools

Business and academic programmes

We provide a range of tailored programmes as well as industry standards such as customer journey mapping - for thousands of delegates over the past 10 years


From CX design and Business transformation through to Social Media Management we offer support in 15+ countries and on-line options too

Measuring Emotion  - Available 1st March 2018

Customer Journey Mapping Available 15th March 2018

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