The myth of the customer survey

July 30, 2018


Last time I spoke about the myth of the single metric now let's apply some logic to the myth of the customer survey.


Which is more likely:


I will complete a survey before I have completed my transaction or you could build feedback into each step of a journey which would provide actual live insight and a better experience for me!


Or that I want to finish with you quickly and then I really want to waste time in a badly constructed experience to ask e questions in numbers and phases rather than let me choose how I want to communicate?   


How are we doing? How do you feel?

Don't put words in my mouth let me say what I want to say. Your systems can understand the conversation.


Ask a simple question that anyone can answer and if done correctly builds a clear picture of whats going on and helps personalise the journey. If I am unhappy now fix it now....fix my unhappiness FIRST!


In digital if done correctly it can enhance the customer journey it saves a massive amount of time and cost...and improves outcomes.


Listening as you go is probably 90% more effective then surveys and the information massively more actionable.


We hate surveys so find a different way to improve that doesn't involve upsetting customers.....this is what we advise clients.


The maths of running this as a separate experience is silo'ed thinking and habits of the worst sort because it is manifestly obvious that surveys are bad.


They cost more and work less...who is in favour of a better approach? 


Who's prepared to tell their boss?