Improving Conversations Level 2 Managing Customer Emotions in conversations

Conversation is the single most available source of accurate insight we have and it covers every aspect of our relationships with customers staff and other stakeholders - understanding it is vital if you want to improve it


Module 1

Introduction to conversation improvement

The basic principles of conversation science that you will become familiar with during your training


Module 2 

Basic patterns of conversation

​There are 14 patterns that we use to improve conversations. From listening for phrases like "I don't understand" to angry or excited speech.


Module 3

Understanding Emotions and Feelings

Feelings and emotions are at the heart of every conversation and they drive costs and revenues. We lead the world in measuring emotions to create actionable insight and show you how! 


Module 4

Scoring Conversations

​We provide you with the tools that you use to score conversations and then show you how to use them.


Module 5

Changing outcomes and finding quick wins

Once you have the tools and the  training we work through examples to make sure that you can make the right decisions about improvements


Module 6 

Continuous Improvement Plan

​In the last module, you bring together all of the parts into a plan that provides the basis for your certification and list of things you can start doing tomorrow.


XIC Level 2 Managing Customer Conversations - April 9th

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  • This is online and you can work at your own pace. It's interactive where delegates work on their own  or "one to one" with a tutor or in groups. Its up to you!

    There are communication threads and Q&A as well as downloadable presentations worksheets and video files. 

    We simply use the same technology that organsations use to manage cross function communication. So you can progress through your training and join webinars or simply watch them after the scheduled time and add questions.

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