CXFO London Spring Meeting 30th April

I am really delighted to announce that the next meeting of CXFO London is going to be at the Pirate Castle in Camden from 10 - 4 on the 30th April. Last time we had a great meeting about "Conversation" with contributions from some of our amazing experts. It was a fantastic day and this time we are going to try even harder to top it.

The Rules

The rules are the same as usual...High quality content at a fabulous venue at low cost .....and we raise money for a good cause.

We do give preference to previous guests with extra limited places. This is about building a real London CX exchange on a regular basis..for seriously talented people.

This time the day is going to be about the latest innovations from the Foundations work. We are going to be talking about the e-score cycle and how it works.

There will be contributions from our leading experts as well as a remote guest or 2 and as usual the day is around our mantra of what can we do tomorrow.

E-Score usings the best of behavioural science to make the most from your processes and technology to improve the things you measure today. In our last 2 events we talked about understand emotions and the role of conversation analysis. THis time we are going to add the final 2 pieces of the puzzle. How to use the habits of colleagues and customers to create momentum and how to focus on Continuous Improvement to get the best results.

We are also going to talk about how E-Score training is going at our Athens Branch of CXFO and about this happy group and what they taught us.

We will be announcing more info about our agenda and speakers over the next few days but as usual this is about giving you an interactive experience and not a powerpoint lecture.

To book your place visit

and I look forward to seeing you there

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