Why no one swims in the world most expensive pool

It’s the launch of BAT17 Episode 1 - Behaviour* so I came to Singapore. After a very long working week in Singapore I thought it would be a great place to launch Episode 1.

*BAT17 is (Behaviour & Technology in CX) the conference in your pocket

Singapore has a unique approach to customer experience and it shows everywhere you go. It’s a combination of the excessive wow factor and sustainability that I find remarkable. But without a doubt the most remarkable, iconic and (allegedly) expensive experience in Singapore is known to locals as simply “MBS”. The Marina Bay Sands - a hotel, shopping mall and casino complex is supposed to be one of the 3 most expensive experiences in the world. I think that I read somewhere that it cost about $10bn including the land.

The rooftop infinity pool sits astride 3 towers and is breath-taking. The hotel itself is one of the most striking buildings in the world and to use the pool you need to be a guest with a room key. As you step out on the 57th floor it is breath-taking. Once past security you can find a lounger get a towel and settle down.

However, after a little while I noticed one curious behaviour. There were hundreds of people taking thousands of selfies but no-one was swimming. Actually, no-one was really swimming at all. There were a few (like me) who swam a few yards and gave up but no-one did a full length. It was as if they didn’t want to interfere with the picture taking. After a few strokes I felt a certain disapproval amongst residents in the pool.

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