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I am an innovator

Experience Designer, Strategist, a Behavioural and Organisational Scientist and Experience Auditor for global organisations. I am also a Programme Director delivering transformation, and I get to travel the world as a public speaker. I work on all types of experiences for customers employees patients government departments and organisations.

What I do

If you want some advice, have a project or some training for your senior team or front line staff - I do that sort of thing! I audit things and handle delicate issues. Just book a chat below and see if I can help.....

Recent work

What is the Strategy Agenda for CIO's in 2021? Report & Workshop Sponsored by VMware and Intel

Can I Trust You? - Defining your Trust Agenda workshop

The Physics of Experience - E-score converts experience into algorithms. 

Successful processes to understand Customer Emotions and Empathy - Training Programme Conversation Analysis for Contact Centre Managers - Training Programme 

Fund Raising The Pirates Castle


Recent Content

Podcast - Is it time to rethink your metrics? sponsored by Genesis

Recorded Webinar: POWERFUL New Approaches to Improving Customer Journeys Sponsored by Nice in Contact 

Recorded Webinar: Measuring Customer Satisfaction

9 Strategies to improve customer satisfaction

6 ideas to improve customer journey mapping 


I have been an independent advisor and consultant solving problems for the world’s largest organisations and I travel around the world as a public speaker and C-Level trainer. I have also been a contact centre tutor worked at every level of project management and designed a store of the future since the late 1970s.


I have worked delivering innovation in behaviour and technology for over 40 years. From before the cloud, with CTI the IP telephony to latest video-based sleep therapy. From Systems of Human Organisation and Habit-Based Business Transformation to experience efficiency science. I have worked at the boundary between what we think is possible, and what we can make work reliably in budget and on time. From Telex to Behavioural Bias in AI or Machine Learning


I held a number of senior roles in major organisations and been a leader in customer experience design, delivering 100+ technology and behavioural innovations. 


I founded and I am the Chairman of the Customer Experience Foundation, an independent global network turning science into solutions that impact peoples daily experience.

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Understanding Experience

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