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To transform the experience you need to change behaviour

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Customer Experience Strategy

Metrics Design

Customer Experience Emotion Metrics

Customer Experience Design

Digital Transformation Strategy

Behavioural and Technology


Virtual Expert Campus

We facilitate a virtual campus of practitioners, experts, academics, and service organisations who you hire by the minute or the year. We can manage projects or simply provide contact information. The Foundation can help you find the right experts.


Expert Advice

We can help you put an expert panel together to design a change, answer a question, or review an experience. We can help you provide complete a project, define a scope or simply recommend appropriate experts.

We can arrange peer reviews and other expert services.

Expert Identification

We can help you identify the foremost authorities to meet your project needs and your budget constraints


All experts are verified by the Foundation through its worldwide network 


Virtual Campus Services are provided via partners. CXFO operates as a foundation and is funded by sponsors and contributions.



Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Personas
Understanding value



Mapping Tools
Customer Emotion

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