Customer Experience

Customer Experience Strategy is now about:


Secure – so the customers feel they can trust

Seamless – Omnichannel Any device Any Process

Sustainable – Your approach to carbon and plastic is now part of your brand value

Faultless – Mission Critical SLA

Effortless - Effective

Personal – Emotionally (not personalised)

what are you?

What does a successful retailer look like in 2021

The top retail organisations have some things in common. They are built around habit based experiences not products and services so how do you compare as habits? They have the advantage of scale. Howard Schultz the founder of Starbucks famously said: we are not in the coffee business we are in the people business. That’s a nice way of saying the behaviour and experience provider business. Like Facebook, like Google, Instagram and like you. More and more you are going to be asking - What business are you in? - are you a retailer or are you a behaviour and experience provider? There is a difference and that difference will define IT Strategy in 2021

Behaviour as a weapon….

That’s one of the key revelations of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The UK and USA Military considered these behavioural algorithms as Weapons Grade Technology. So are facebook Google and the rest.

A lot of the technology is being used in different applications across the retail experience but ultimately you are be pointing a behavioural gun at your customers and how you choose to use it will be one of the elements that define your customer relationships.

IT will have to do more to understand this aspect of the technology and services...

Will IT deliver new services in 2021?

Yes! A culture of continuous "user driven reinvention through innovation" is also a marker of the successful retailer so delivering innovation as a service to the business and your consumers will be mission critical