Ascensos Partners with SentiSum to Transform Customer Experience

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Ascensos, a leader in customer experience management, is proud to announce an innovative partnership with SentiSum, an AI-powered CX analytics platform. This collaboration aims to transform the landscape of customer engagement and management. 

SentiSum’s cutting-edge voice and non-voice real-time sentiment analysis technology, enables Ascensos to capture ‘in the moment’ customer insights, identifying key issues such as product or service challenges, logistical concerns, and elements that delight customers. 

Liz Millington, Head of Ascensos Intelligence commented: “Integrating SentiSum’s advanced sentiment analysis allows us to provide our clients with unparalleled insights. It enables us to analyse and respond to customer data as it is captured, providing a significant advantage in competitive markets. 

This partnership empowers our clients to make informed decisions, enhancing supply chain efficiency, operational management, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. 

By harnessing this powerful data, Ascensos clients can optimize their upstream and downstream processes, protecting brand reputation and drive improved customer retention and advocacy.” 

David Gilfillan, Ascensos Chief Technology Officer added: “This collaboration is more than a technological enhancement; it’s about creating long-lasting customer value. 

Real-time sentiment analysis enables us to address issues promptly, elevating the overall engagement experience for customers.” 

SentiSum’s CEO, Sharad Khandelwal commented: “We are excited to partner with Ascensos to deliver transformative CX solutions. Our technology will help Ascensos clients stay ahead of the curve by turning customer feedback into actionable insights in real time.” 

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